Why publish Tenders Ads in the Newspaper ?

Tenders ads are official letters that organizations must prepare when they invite bids for an upcoming project, business proposal or when seeking to buy materials or goods in bulk. Tenders advertisements provide information about a business proposal, an upcoming project or a requirement of goods or materials to be purchased in bulk. Tenders ads are circulated in newspapers which helps in attracting and inviting new bids for an upcoming project or business proposal. Tenders ads, through their ability to invite bids, helps in the formation of healthy business relations between parties to the tender agreement. It also contributes to the promotion of a competitive market, as a number of organizations are allowed equal opportunities to bid for a project or proposal. The Government generally publishes tender advertisements in the newspaper as a necessity. Business organizations having a purpose to sell/buy services, contracts or goods, also publish it. They are published in newspapers so as to garner better response and gain greater publicity from bidders strewn across the nation.

What documents are needed ?

As per company policy and legal guidelines, for tender advertisements, ad matter is required to be printed in the letterhead with seal and stamp. In some cases Id proofs are also required to be submitted.

What is a recommended Ad format to follow ?

Sample Tender ads are as follows:
1. Tender - E-N.I.T.- 00,01,02 & 03/ RADHARGHAT-II GP /00-00,Dated: 00/00/00 is hereby invited through online by the Prodhan, Radharghat-II, Berhampore, MSD. for Civil works up to 00.00.0000. Details may be obtained from www.xxetender.gov.in & this office during office hours. Sd/- Prodhan, Radharghat-II GP
2.Quotations invited from reputed architects, CIVIL Contractors, Plumbing, Painting,electrical, flooring etc. For G + 4 building in AA BBB new town. Contact Secretary 0000000000, Abodh Cooperative Housing Society.

Any Ad composing tips ?

1. Company details should be correctly entered in the ad text.
2. Format (if any) needs to be followed as per rules and regulations.

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